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Car service in Amsterdam

Car services in Amsterdam by Bouwens Chauffeur Services are known for the focus on client satisfaction, punctuality and the professional chauffeurs. Our chauffeurs are your personal assistants on the road, no matter the occasion.

Start your visit with our luxurious transport

When planning to visit The Netherlands for business or for pleasure, hiring a car service to arrange your transportation is the way to go. Do you have a series of appointments in Amsterdam? Our chauffeur will make sure you make them on time and in comfort. Do you intend to visit various places throughout the whole country? Our car service ensures that you can focus on your tasks, while your chauffeur transports you smoothly and in style. Regardless of the situation, a car service by Bouwens Chauffeur Services guarantees accurate, swift, and stress-free transportation during your entire stay.

With more than a decade of experience, relentless focus on the wellbeing of our clients, a luxury fleet, and a team of dedicated chauffeurs, Bouwens Chauffeur Services boasts a rock-solid reputation nationwide.

Chauffeur service Amsterdam

Based in Amsterdam and active throughout The Netherlands, Bouwens Chauffeur Services provides various kinds of car services for personal and corporate objectives. All our car services are based purely on the specific requests and objectives of the client. Listed below are a few examples of our services. We have been providing these car services in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands for reputable international guests and multinational companies for over a decade:

  • Airport transfer / Special guest service
  • Executive transportation
  • VIP transportation
  • Delegations
  • Roadshow

Car service Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Car services: Airport transfer

When you land at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, an airport transfer helps you arrive on time and in comfort at your destination. This car service takes everything after baggage claim out of your hands. If you prefer more service, you can opt for the Special Guest Service. A hostess awaits you at the door of the airplane. She guides you (and your guests) through security, via customs and baggage claim to your luxury car with chauffeur. On departure, your chauffeur and luxury car will be waiting for you on the requested pick up location. The chauffeur carries your luggage and ensures fast and safe transportation to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Car services: Executive transportation

Bouwens Chauffeur Services is specialized in facilitating everything required to deal with the demanding schedules of modern day board members. No matter the size of your board or the complexity of its members’ schedules, we will design an itinerary that ensures safety, punctuality, and comfort for each individual member and the board as a whole. Needless to say our chauffeurs understand the specific nature of situations like these. They have been trained to be proactive and helpful, while remaining discrete and reserved.

Car services: VIP transportation

Bouwens VIP Chauffeurs are specifically trained for delicate or otherwise challenging situations. They are discrete, focused, and highly skilled when it comes to personal transportation, security and first aid. More than any other car service, VIP transportation requires a custom approach. Please contact us to plan your personal requests.

Car services: Delegations

Because of our meticulous approach to group transportation we have been honored with the trust of many multinational companies, ngo’s, governments, and embassies. This type of car service requires a great deal of attention and preparation, often due to an increased security risk. Please contact us to see how your organization can benefit from our experience.

Car services Amsterdam The Netherlands

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If you're interested in one of our services we're happy to assist you. You can contact our office via the following:

Our staff is fluent in English and will help you to book any of the car services of your preference. 

Luxe auto’s, exclusieve mini-bussen en professionele bussen

Kies uit het brede aanbod van moderne voertuigen, neem plaats en leun achterover. Ervaar luxueuze interieurs, lederen stoelen met veel beenruimte, en alle mogelijke multimedia. Het maakt niet uit wat de gelegenheid is, u bent altijd zeker van een bijzondere, exclusieve beleving.  

Mercedes Benz E-Klasse 3 2  

Gevoel van luxe

Stap in een luxe Mercedes Benz E-Klasse van Bouwens Chauffeursdiensten en beleef een wereld van comfort, rust en ruimte. Op de achterbank van onze nieuwe E-Klasse limousines kunt u ongestoord werken en ontspannen reizen.

  • Leder stoelen
  • Zonneschermen
  • Privacy ramen

Mercedes Benz S-Klasse 3 2  

De onbetwiste leider

De Mercedes Benz S-Klasse met professionele chauffeur van Bouwens Chauffeursdiensten overtreft zelfs de verwachtingen van de meest veeleisende reizigers. Deze exclusieve limousine biedt de hoogst denkbare kwaliteit op het gebied van comfort, veiligheid en uitstraling. Ideaal voor het vervoer van captains of industry, vip's en buitenlandse gasten.

  • Elektrisch verstelbare en exclusieve leder stoelen
  • Extra beenruimte
  • Elektrische zonneschermen
  • Geluidswerende en privacy ramen

Mercedes Benz V-Klasse 7 5  

Ruimte voor comfort

In een luxe Mercedes Benz V-Klasse van Bouwens Chauffeursdiensten voelt u zich meteen thuis. Neem plaats in een comfortabele stoel, vergader in conference opstelling en reis ontspannen naar uw bestemming. Dé oplossing voor kleine gezelschappen die hoge eisen stellen aan het vervoer over de weg.

  • Exclusieve leder stoelen
  • Extra beenruimte
  • Privacy ramen
  • Conference opstelling met luxe vergadertafel op aanvraag

Mercedes Benz Mini-Bus 15-17

Ultieme beleving

Met een luxe Mercedes Benz Mini-Bus van Bouwens Chauffeursdiensten wordt uw reis een beleving. De hoogwaardige uitstraling en het luxueuze interieur, zoals de uiterst comfortabele stoelen en het elegante ontwerp, geven u een bijzondere ervaring.

  • Exclusieve stoelen
  • Conference opstelling met luxe vergadertafel op aanvraag
  • Extra faciliteiten op aanvraag, zoals privacy ramen, multimedia en catering

Luxe Bus 18+

Topklasse busvervoer

Bouwens Chauffeursdiensten is uw professionele partner in luxe busvervoer. Of het nu gaat om VIP vervoer of kwalitatief busvervoer, met de luxe bussen is er altijd een oplossing voor uw vervoersvraagstuk.

  • Exclusieve stoelen
  • Conference opstelling met luxe vergadertafel op aanvraag
  • Extra faciliteiten op aanvraag, zoals privacy ramen, multimedia, catering, bar, koelkast en toilet

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